Our work in development

Custom made

Need something made from scratch?

Maybe you just have an incredible idea for an app! Or maybe you have specific needs in your company, which can be addressed with software made just for you.

It doesn't matter, you need things accomplished? Give us a call, let's talk and we'll work it out.

We provide custom made software solutions for Business Management, Business Intelligence, Processes Control and Reporting.


Ever heard of offshoring? What about nearshoring? 

Our work force is in Mexico, just a couple of hours from the US, actually.

Outsourcing your dev work to us has several benefits:

Same time zones as the US. (No more waiting a whole day for an email response!) Completely in English.

If you ever need us to visit you, or the other way around, we are really close by.

Our work in Technology


We have the hardware and software you need.

Maybe you need whole Call Center deployed, or a Data Center.

Or maybe just few laptops? Printers? Just the network?

What about a server or two? We also can help you decide whether you need hardware, virtualization or cloud services.

We have everything and from different brands.

Call us, we'll make it work.

Services and full solutions

We offer our services as tech consultants.

We can help you choose what’s best for your company in communications, information security, networking, and all things IT.

If you are starting a company, or thinking about how you can benefit from investing in technology, we should talk, we would love to help you set up all your IT the right way, from the start.

Business information management software, resource planning and business intelligence are just some of the most important things we can do for your business.

Even if you already have something in place, we can check it out and if you want us to, let us handle IT for you.

Tools and Methodology

Once a development project is approved we follow these stages:
In-depth business needs research and analysis.

  • ° Notification of requirements and determination of responsibilities.
  • ° Sketching and wireframes
  • ° Art and design
  • ° Coding
  • ° Test runs
  • ° Go-live in production environment
  • ° Live support
  • ° Updates and tech support

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+52 (662) 552 0140



Where to find us

We are in Mexico. You can find us in the north part of the city in:

Blvd. Antonio Quiroga #21-Edificio N3 Piso 1, Quinta Emilia. C.P. 83314. Hermosillo, Sonora, México


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